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Arisia 2011 Schedule

If you're a panelist, you got yours today too! Here's mine. (When I'm listed first, I'm the moderator.)

5:00pm: Food Communicating Culture in Literature. (novelfriend, thespian, John Bowker, me.)
6:30pm: Interstitial Arts: A Discussion. (As many IAF people as we can get, but officially, ellen_kushner, deliasherman, badger2305, Andrea Hairston, Sarah Smith...)

12:30pm: Take Back the Sci-Fi. (me, cluegirl, aquila_dominus, novelfriend, girlyengine.)
3:30pm: Alternative Activism. (me, lordlnyc, tehuti, Darkteddybear, Bendyyogagirl.)
5:00pm: SF and Fantasy as the Modern Myth. (me, feste_sylvain, Gail Martin, Renee Johnson, John McDaid.)
6:30pm: READING. (me, Daniel Rabuzzi, thunderpigeon.)

9:30pm: The City and Science Fiction. (yendi, stakebait, Toni Lay, Robert Davies, me.)

11:00am: Sexual Assault and Harrassment in Fandom. (me, cluegirl, aquila_dominus, asim, sweetmmeblue.)
12:30pm: Genius Loci: Setting and Story. (me, ellen_kushner, Vikki Ciaffone.)

Obviously the thing I want you ALL TO GO TO is my reading.

I'm sad that I didn't get more panels with certain people, but there's a lot of stuff on this schedule (59 lit track items alone!), and juggling is. I knew I'd see Clue and Dominus on those two panels! And I'm glad I get to do a panel with each of my partners-in-attendance.

Saturday is problematic. The most logical thing to drop of SF and Fantasy as the Modern Myth, if we're speaking just timewise - but no way! Alternative Activism I'm less attached to, because for me that falls in the category of "this is a blog post, not a panel," but I do want to represent for BARCC. Anyone want to volunteer to bring me food? Maybe the guys won't mind if I have a light nom during their parts of the reading.

This is actually, barely, fewer program items than I was on at Readercon. But it's more time, because Arisia panels are an hour and fifteen minutes this year. My schedule for Friday, Sunday, and Monday looks totally sane, but I am giving Saturday the side eye.
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