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Happy birthday to auton!

Happy belated birthday to hnmic, settsimaksimin, cos, asciikitty, whitecrow0, and passionandsoul, who advanced a year over the weekend!

State of the 'Song
Busy Thursday and Friday led to an extremely laid-back Saturday and Sunday, which I very much needed. So I'm not extra-crispy right now.

Holiday Knitting
Dad's scarf is blocking. Elayna's shawl is close to done and too big to haul on the bus, and is on the needles I need for my birthmom's shawl. I could work on something for my aunt, but I don't know what I want to make for her yet, and have no time to figure it out this morning. Nyargh. Dear 'song: Finish that shawl tonight; also pick out pattern for aunt.

Link Soup
* 25 awesomest LBG comic book characters. (He says LGBTQ, but there are no transgender characters on the list. Moar trans superheroes plz.)
* pixelfish reports on her patdown.
* cluegirl tells you how to reduce your risk of being accused of rape. The More You Know!

Daily Science
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has detected a very tenuous atmosphere known as an exosphere, infused with oxygen and carbon dioxide around Saturn's icy moon Rhea. This is the first time a spacecraft has directly captured molecules of an oxygen atmosphere – albeit a very thin one -- at a world other than Earth.

Remind me to tell you about the space ponies.

Today is work, home, final holiday shopping, and a How I Met Your Mother marathon during which I will hopefully finish Elayna's shawl. sindrian is sleeping over so he can take gwynraven to the airport in the morning. DO NOT WANT GWYN TO GO. *snif*

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