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December Schedule

December 1: Chanukah; BARCC: Survivor Speakers Bureau Peer Supe
December 2: Chanukah; parents' night at Elayna's school
December 3: Chanukah; Rogue Burlesque: Quest for the Golden Pasties

December 4: Helping miss_lisa_ma move; Chanukah; Elayna at Voyagers Formal; Judah sleeping over
December 5: BARCC: Vending at Bazaar Bizarre; Chanukah

December 6: Chanukah
December 7: BARCC: Lavender sales @ South Station; Chanukah; Diesel?
December 8: Chanukah
December 9: BARCC: Lavender sales @ Mass. Conference for Women
December 10: Enter the Haggis in Natick

December 11: Two potential parties; Heroes?
December 12: Slutcracker

December 13: BARCC: Peer Supe
December 14: Diesel?
December 15: Elayna's winter concert
December 16: Socializing for Justice: Potluck and book swap
December 17:

December 18: Party
December 19: Clothing swap?

December 20:
December 21-26: in Florida

December 27: BARCC: Peer Supe
December 28: Diesel?
December 29:
December 30:
December 31: Dave's party
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