Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

The people: Me, Adam, Elayna, gwynraven, sindrian, slipjig, taura_g, hypnagogie & her M., mllelaurel, dalious & her A., fiddle_dragon, zeyr, my BARCC friend Will, quezz, swashbucklr, hammercock, trowa_barton, yes I do this in order of arrival hush. And wired_lizard just walked in!

The dinner: Turkey, brined most gorgeously. Molasses-ginger cookies and stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer. The turkey finished quicker than we thought it would, so no time to finish the arepas - we'll eat them tomorrow! Roasted asparagus, brown-sugar-and-cinnamon roasted sweet potatoes, crockpot rosemary garlic mashed potatoes, skillet carrots, brussels sprouts with pancetta and onions, cornbread stuffing. And by people not us, quezz's corn-and-meat casserole and cranberry sauce; hammercock's seitan casserole; fiddle_dragon's green bean thing, cranberry sauce, rosemary-thyme rolls; dalious's duck; sindrian's Pork Orgy.

The dessert: Our chocolate bourbon cake, pumpkin ginger pie, and crack pie; taura_g's apple pie; someone's chocolate cream pie, and we did not get hammercock and trowa_barton's mince pie in the oven, so that's for tomorrow!

The movies: The Princess Bride and now Clue. Tomorrow evening will be Hogfather.

The music: My morning get-your-ass-in-gear playlist is epic and silly. I think we got everyone moving to "Jump Around"!

I am never not brining a turkey again because DUDE. And everything worked. And I am entirely full of food, and also weary, but with a great big smile on my face.

Yes. Very yes.
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