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Odin's Day

State of the 'Song
So last night, I was exhausted - but it still took me forever to fall asleep. If Lunesta is losing its efficacy, I will be very put out.

School Nurse
Still no reply. I have replied pointedly inquiring about the lack of reply and wondering, considering how the nurse treats disabled parents, how she treats disabled students. I have cced this to the appropriate people at the MA Board of Nursing and MA School Nurse Association (thanks for digging that info up, brithistorian!). So we'll see.

Ha! Reply before I even finished typing my morning post: "Thank you for your thorough report, which I read the day you sent it. I am sorry for your experience. I don't comment on personnel matters with parents, of course, including my conversations with teachers and school employees, but I am talking to our nurse."


Is there a calligrapher in the house?
pisicutsa says: "I need someone who can do calligraphy like this lady, only in a price range I can afford for a holiday gift." Anyone?

I am going to RootsCamp this weekend - an unconference for community organizing and social justicey stuff. You should come too.

So About Batman and Vaginas

If you've seen handmade Sculpey/Fimo vaginas before: notice how they all have fingerprints on the labia? Like full fingerprints? I am just waiting for someone on the CSI writing staff to discover Regretsy and Craftastrophe. I am just waiting for them to have to recreate fingerprints off clay vagina pendants. I'm imagining this as Nick's problem. I can see this right now. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Also, there is another Batman porno! We have the first one, the one that's utterly faithful to the '60s TV show by all accounts. We have yet to watch it. I think we were subconsciously waiting for this. We must obtain it. Then: viewing party! Who's in?

Link Soup
* Poem of the Day
* I want to borrow a goat.
* Street art on the beach.
* MapCrunch lets you see random Google street views all over the world.
* Mistake reports. Love.

Daily Science
Fermi telescope discovers new giant structure in our galaxy.

Work - I'm bringing in snack for staff meeting today! It's like Girl Scouts, we rotate snack-bringing. Home. It is likely not a writing day, because it's an early release day for Elayna, so actually I'll hit Whole Foods and the yarn store on the way home. Dinner, Rogue Burlesque, and overnight date with sindrian. :)
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