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State of the 'Song
Awake? Barometric pressure is still being annoying. I may need a Robaxin today.

Bostonians: Full-Size Mattress Needed
Anyone have one they're looking to unload? This is our household's #1 priority right now. Can't afford a $500 new mattress, and leery of Craigslist because we don't want bedbugs.

Anyone know bbPress?
It's what I'm using for the Shayara forums - and over the last few days I have been overrun by spammers. bbPress appears to have no spam control, no way to restrict who joins the forums, no way to batch-delete spam IDs. Unless I am missing something. Which I may be. Help?

Job Search Help
For Nova, who says: "What I'm looking for - Any job that involves any or all of the following elements - Community Management, Quality Assurance, Customer Service, Market Research, Editing or Project Management. I have skills in all these areas. I have the most experience with video games, but honestly, if it's time to move out of that then it's time. I've been at it for well over nine years in many different roles. I'm not afraid to put these skills to use in other industries. Ideal locale would be west coast, although obviously willing to match the job more than the location (large cities with somewhat decent transit required, though)
What I bring to the right job - skills in all of the above, plus the ability to work on and manage effectively a large number of concurrent projects, as well as pick up and learn efficiently and effectively any new task that's needed. I've been telecommuting for a large portion of my work life, so I am used to working independently and with a minimal amount of supervision. I'm super literate, exceptionally resourceful, and a published writer. :) I also come with exceptional references from past clients and my company."

Link Soup
* Sexual assault at ApacheCon.
* Crisis in Western Sahara.
* Gorgeous. The first jewelry not-made-by-friends I've been tempted by in a while.
* Beautiful intricate carved-pencil art.
* Give slipjig your list of the 10 greatest movies of all time.

Daily Science
Scientists turn skin into blood. !!!

Writing all morning. Work from 1-5 today, because I have Peer Supe 6-8.
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