Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Character Meme: The Telenias, from Shayara

01. Full name: Alexander Tallart
02. Best friend: He wouldn't consider himself close to anyone, not really - but he supposes that Fenris is who he'd call at 3am.
03. Sexuality: Heterosexual.
04. Favorite color: his House's gold with dark red.
05. Relationship status: Single.
06. Ideal mate: None can understand his burden. (This is melodrama on his part, but it's also actually true.)
07. Turn-ons: Hm. Formal kink protocol?
08. Last sexual experience: As our story begins? A Tallart "cousin" (Tallarts refer to themselves as cousins unless they have an actual blood relationship; this is not actually his cousin) visiting the city. He doesn't tend to fuck people who live here.
09. Favorite food: Whatever's on the chef's tasting menu at Wildflower Honey.
10. Crushes: We do not speak of such things.
11. Favorite music: Bach.
12. Biggest fear: The return of the circumstances that led to the Fall.
13. Biggest fantasy: The restoration of the Dasaroi.
14. Quirks in bed: Oh, he's the one with the toybag. The rattan cane is his favorite. Victorian disciplinarian much?
15. Bad habits: Not letting people in.
16. Biggest regret: He has none.
17. Best kept secrets: He keeps the biggest secret in the world: the full story of the Fall.
18. Last thought: He is, at the moment, deeply concerned by the idea that Julia knows more about the Fall than she ought to.
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience: Katrina + Stephen. 'Nuff said.
20. Biggest insecurity: He feels artificially elevated; those who've read My Empire for Ashes will remember his recurring thought of this is not my place. He cannot believe himself worthy.
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