Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Character Meme: Fenris, from Shayara

01. Full name: Seth Logan, but he's gone by Fenris for 20+ years, and very few people think of him as anything else.
02. Best friend: Jessamyn ni'Tamra; after her death, Donna ni'Tarak.
03. Sexuality: Heterosexual.
04. Favorite color: Dark blue.
05. Relationship status: Single.
06. Ideal mate: If Jessa were monogamous. (And, at the point where the story begins, still alive.)
07. Turn-ons: Fenris likes to play rough. :)
08. Last sexual experience: I have trouble with the when of this! Pick a random point? The last sexual experience I wrote him in = him and Jessa at the Sanctuary, ~10 years before our story begins, but that's certainly not his most recent.
09. Favorite food: Bacon. (No, seriously, I had to write a thing about Fenris and bacon.)
10. Crushes: Shit y'all that would be telling. Um. He starts off with a crush on Jessa that he thinks is not reciprocated. He does have a growing interest over the course of the story that gets some action taken on it in the last third.
11. Favorite music: The rest of the Kirayth have worn him down with the Irish punk, but on his own, he's a fan of Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave. Also a bunch of Shayara bands that you've never heard of.
12. Biggest fear: Anything Bad happening to Capri. No fears for his ownself anymore.
13. Biggest fantasy: Becoming obsolete! It would be nice if the city no longer required his efforts, because, y'know, peace and all.
14. Quirks in bed: See #7. Why are these two separate questions? I don't know. Specifics? Like I said, generally rough, but not A Member of the BDSM Community; he can't be arsed with toys and protocols.
15. Bad habits: At times, a bit too much alcohol (only when not on-duty), but when gently nudged by the Telenias, he lays off.
16. Biggest regret: Not going to the Harvest Festival with Jessa, Marcus, and Capri the night of the Purges. He remains convinced that, had he been there, he could've fought off the Hounds, and Jessa would still be alive. Hell of it is that he's right. But can't do it over, so.
17. Best kept secrets: Well, he thinks he's kept Capri's parentage a secret. Not so much.
18. Last thought: Probably some affectionate exasperation with the Kirayth.
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience: Jessa cheating on him with Marcus was the low point.
20. Biggest insecurity: He tends to see himself as very rough-hewn; this is exacerbated by the company he keeps outside of the Tower, seeing how generally aristocratic he perceives the Talthar Kithrayna to be. He feels too large and too loud.
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