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Life with 'song and Elayna

Elayna: "Max likes it when I snap my fingers at him. I snapped and he came over, and I stopped and he went away."
Max: *sidles up to me, puts his front paws on my leg, awaits invitation*
Me: "Oh, Max, I can't snap my fingers. I never could. But you can come up anyway."
Max: *jumps on my lap*
Elayna: "Try snapping your ring finger instead of your middle finger."
Me: *does as instructed, despite pessimism* *produces audible snap* *jawdrop*
Elayna: *laugh*
Me: "But I what? I snapped!"
Elayna: "Our thumbs are at an odd angle in relation to our hands. Our middle fingers don't end up in the right place to make a sound. So one day I figured I'd try my ring finger, and it worked. And then I snapped my fingers for like three days."
Me: *snaps fingers over and over, wide-eyed*

I can snap my fingers! My daughter taught me how to snap my fingers.
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