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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
November Schedule 
29th-Oct-2010 07:32 am
I ran myself ragged in October. Can I preserve some downtime in November? This will fill up a bit as my menfolk get their schedules sorted, but pretty much if it's not a work thing, I can bring a date to it; I think both feste_sylvain and sindrian are accompanying me to Monday's concert, for example. So the existence of a thing on a day does not mean I can't have a date then.

November 1: BARCC tabling, Marian Call concert at Tommy Doyle's
November 2: Diesel with feste_sylvain
November 3: Date with sindrian
November 4:
November 5:

November 6:
November 7:

November 8: BARCC Peer Supe 6-8pm
November 9: Diesel
November 10: Rogue Burlesque @ Middlesex Lounge - open to accompaniment!
November 11: [this needs to be an at-home evening.]
November 12: Dance Central release party, maybe XMortis

November 13: RootsCamp & party
November 14: RootsCamp

November 15: NOMAS: Dialogical Masculinities in DRAG: Drag as Resistance to Male Dominance
November 16: Diesel?
November 17:
November 18:
November 19: gwynraven arrives in Boston! She'll be here through 11/30!

November 20: Boston Transgender Day of Remembrance (vigil on the Common); RENT at BU.
November 21:

November 22: BARCC Peer Supe 6-8pm
November 23: Diesel?
November 24:
November 25: THANKSGIVING!
November 26:

November 27:
November 28:

November 29:
November 30: Diesel?
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