Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

My week, let me show you it.

Today's Peer Supe, then a Girls' Night In.

Tomorrow is Diesel - pretty much with Diesel, since it's a group get-together, it's not a Date Night, but by default these days I'm with feste_sylvain when it's his week and sindrian when it's not, when it comes time to split off into dinner groups or whatnot.

Wednesday night is Adam's and my rescheduled anniversary dinner - he was under the weather Friday, and also we figured we should wait for my ankle to get a bit better so I can walk the few blocks from the T station to the restaurant.

Thursday night is the BARCC's Champions for Change Gala, where you can totally be my date if you have $150 to drop on a ticket, I am just saying. (My ticket is free because I'm staff and a volunteer.)

Friday night is the Big Broadcast, which I really need to get tickets for.

Saturday night is the Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project's masquerade gala, for which I still need an Alice costume. Sprained ankle makes running out to costume stores difficult.

Lunches are a possibility, but do not take it personally if I decline offers in favor of writing time; I have two stories due in a month, and I'm still at square one with one of 'em. Dinners are a possibility next week, but not this week! Dinners are better than lunches because they're not a choice between writing time and social time, just FYI.
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