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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to khaosworks and runnerwolf!

Hello to new reader ceciliasg!

State of the 'Song

Oi, Bostonians!
I am to be Alice in Wonderland for a group Halloween costume. I'll be looking to assemble a costume on my own, but if you have bits I can borrow, let me know? Time-crunched 'song is time-crunched.

Oi, Bostonians! part the second
When are y'all going to The Big Broadcast of 1946? We're going on Friday the 29th.

I have gotten the the point of disliking my default icon because it no longer looks like me once more. Need new pics. *sigh*

StrowlerCon Defined
We were struggling to sum it up; Elayna did it on Facebook quite succinctly: "StrowlerCon is a convention for traveling performers, who were called "strowlers" a long time ago. So basically, it was a con that was, by day, a bunch of performers teaching people their skills, and by night, those same performers gave mind-blowing performances. I met many new performers that I loved, got to see the ones I already knew, and actually got to perform on the final night."

More on WisCon
These posts expand the topic.

Right now I am just hoping really hard that ConCom sees sense, because otherwise, darlings, we have a schism. And no one else is doing the kind of social justice programming WisCon is (although apparently some members of concom are not paying attention to that), and I'd hate to see the SF community lose that. This is a crossroads.

Link Soup
* Comics about consent!
* Jonathan Coulton on Benoit Mandelbrot.
* I am not allowed to buy Realms of Fantasy.
* What the fuck is my transmedia strategy?
* I totally get this.

Daily Science
Cells read only those genes which are needed at a given moment, while the others are chemically labeled and, thus, selectively turned off. Scientists at the German Cancer Research Center have now been the first to discover how these labels are placed at exactly the right spot in the genetic material. Important players are regulatory RNA molecules. They form a plait-like triple helix with the DNA serving as a signpost for the labels.

Work, where all things are volunteer training and Clothesline Project. So much Clothesline Project. It's a good thing I find folding shirts to be meditative, because no one ever sends them back folded. Lunch out, some long-overdue errands, and maybe ducking into Mind's Eye to do a few rows on the shawl, time permitting, before Diesel. Dinner with feste_sylvain. Must buy Big Broadcast tickets; since 10/29 is the *only* day I can go, it would really suck if they were sold out.
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