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Happy birthday to katfireblade!

Hello to new readers eclecticgypsy and spiderine!

State of the 'Song
I got a *little* more sleep Friday night and Saturday night, but then I only got sleep in 20-minute segments last night. I think we've figured out the problem: he needs a chinstrap. (Like a penguin.) He left a voicemail telling them. Hopefully we can get that expedited. Because I can't keep track of time very well on this level of sleep-dep, but I think I've lost like a month's worth of afternoons at this point.

StrowlerCon Posts!
I made some, finally! Behold!

Also, we're still looking for leads on grants. And is early November a good time for StrowlerCon '11? What conflicts do y'all know of there?

Link Soup
* John Scalzi's thoughtful examination of his privilege.
* Via hilariarex: "Randy Pierce, this guy I know, suffers from a rare neurological condition that has left him entirely blind and also prone to vertigo. However, he and his guide dog are now climbing something like 48 mountains in the White Mountains in New Hampshire in order to raise money for the New Hampshire Association for the Blind and Guiding Eyes for the Blind. The website is here."
* More on the WisCon/Elizabeth Moon issue. Please, WisCon ConCom, listen. I <3 WisCon and would hate to not go because of something like this. Either you're progressive or you're not. Choose.
* Read "The Guilt Child" by Margaret Ronald.
* Review haikujaguar's work and get free bookmarks.

Daily Science
An international team of researchers has devised a way to embed tiny light emitters and light sensors into stretchable, bendable, twistable sheets. The flexible systems might someday find use as implanted sensors to keep tabs on biological processes.

Today: Work, possibly lunch out, home and writing if I have brain, closet stuff if I don't. Or closet stuff later. It's in the 40s, I really need to get the tank tops out and the sweaters in.
This week: Date nights with feste_sylvain (Tuesday), sindrian (Wednesday), and Adam (Friday); BARCC engagements Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. I'm holding a lunchtime out for a particular person, but besides that, consider me booked; I'm at the point where I'm like "Well, I *could* cram more activity in", but I'm trying to not do that.
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