Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Strowlery tangential addendum

Not con-specific, but I find it both interesting and entertaining.

Sample conversation from Saturday night:

Person, nodding toward staff-spinning sindrian: "You bring that?"
Me: "The staff or the man?"
Person: "Either. Both."
Me: "The man, but not the staff."
Person: "And your husband is there with your daughter..."
Me: "Yep, but my other boyfriend couldn't make it."

Because at that point you know what the person is asking, amirite? And yes, the other person took the opportunity to mention that yeah, only one of their partners is here, and there, we have danced around a bit and established that we're all poly folk here and so even if the person isn't going to get a yes, I won't slap 'em for asking, y'know?

I'm accustomed to everyone knowing I'm poly right off the bat, is why this amuses me so much, this "sooo..." tiptoe stuff. :)

And yes, tremendously flirty con - both with people I've known for ages and people I just met, and a long-hair rock god in leather pants and a frock coat waltzed me down the hall and kissed me whee! and so of course I could barely interact with him the rest of the night because I'm a huge dork.

This is a thing you should know about me! I can be tremendously bold as long as I think there's no way it's going anywhere. If you are clearly out of my league, I can be truly outrageous. Bold as brass, darling. But if you are actually interested I am totally thrown! I become awkward and blushy! Fortunately, so far, people have found this more endearing than annoying. Probably in small part because once I wrap my brain around their interest I am like "um, YES!"

And ah, yes, I continued my streak of not having sex with anyone at a con. This streak has been going for several years now, in fact. NOT INTENTIONALLY. And I'd *meant* to haul two particular people off and have my way with them - one previous lover, and one I've been trying to match schedules with for a long-ass time - but the time, it did not exist. Alas.

But the flirting. That was quite lovely.

I think I am done with my posty streak, because I should go get stuff done.
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