Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Random Friday Night BPAL Reviews

Because I have to hurry up and finish testing Halloweenies before they stop selling 'em!

Halloween: New Orleans: The distinctive scent of the Mississippi at night mingling with sweet olive and Spanish moss.
In bottle: This for serious does smell like the Mississippi. Dude.
On me: Damn. Something goes terribly sharp on me. And - ack! Lemony!

Pomegranate IV: Pomegranate, cognac, red musk, cocoa, tobacco absolute, star anise, and thyme.
In bottle: I WANT TO LICK IT. Okay. Red musk/cocoa, cognac stirring up and poking through.
On me: *whimpersquirm* Red musk still = sex, yep. Cognac is strong, and so's pomegranate. Cocoa is a solid dark base, and I'm sure that's what the tobacco I'm not really getting is doing as well; not really getting the anise, but am getting the light sprinkling of thyme. Yum!

The Infernal Lover: A creamy, sensual, honeyed red musk.
In bottle: Yes red musk still = sex.
On me: Skin-warm, maybe a hint of cinnamon in the musk? Subtle sweetness underneath. Delectable.

The Forest Reverie: A sunlit ancient forest, dotted with wild roses, grape vine, and queenly lilies, clothed in swirls of opium smoke.
This was a freebie. It has death notes. I will try it anyway.
In bottle: Lilyrose fuckit I am not putting it on my skin thankyougoodbye.
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