Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Thor's Day

Happy birthday to dalious!

State of the 'Song
The chest tightness has eased up, but waking up six times last night did not help. Which is AAAARGH-making, because I really need to not be losing afternoons to naps; the house is a mess, and I just had to ask for extensions on two anthology-requests because if I'm sleeping I'm not writing. And if I'm not getting sleep at night, I don't have the brain to write the next day. This (replacement) CPAP wasn't noisy in the hotel, but it's been roaring horribly since we got home. Is this house cursed when it comes to CPAPs?

Vote for BARCC!
BARCC is nominated for three Stay Classy awards - Charity of the Year, Most Effective Awareness Campaign (for our Save/Support SANE efforts), and Most Innovative Use of Social Media! Click here to vote for us! If we win at the national level, there's $10K in it for us - in these times of budget cuts, that would be a tremendous help. Go make with the clicky!

StrowlerCon 2011
Thank you thank you! I would never have known when stuff like Firefly was happening, and of course that's a major demographic overlap. It looks like early November is our best bet. We still need help tracking down grants before we can commit to a date, because we can't do it without making our budget...

Link Soup
* Mars stories by such luminaries as camillealexa, dulcinbradbury, Kage Baker, and more! (I actually really like the idea of compiling link-y e-anthologies like this.)
* The history of Hank Pym.
* Dear ThinkGeek: I want this in my size.
* Goblin Fruit! Calloo! Callay! With work by cafenowhere and Theodora Goss and more!

Daily Science
Simulating possible chemical processes in the atmosphere of Titan, Saturn's largest moon, a UA-led planetary research team found amino acids and nucleotide bases in the mix - the most important ingredients of life on Earth.

Work - today, mostly a meeting and training our team's intern on Clothesline Project stuff. I hope to be awake this afternoon, because I have way too much to do to be not-awake. Closet changeover still needs to happen, and I need to get on top of e-mail post-Strowler, plus post-Strowler followups, and my house is a mess, and OH YEAH WRITING. Please. Writing. sindrian's coming over tonight, and while he's happy to help me scrub down the kitchen, I'd like to do something more fun, energy level permitting; there's supposed to be a Rebecca Loebe concert at BU tonight, but I don't know the exact location.
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