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Oh hey yeah October schedule.

This will fill up with datestuff; also, it's pretty empty to start with because I blocked out chunks of the month for volunteer training, but I don't have to be onsite for most of that after all. Also, I'm pretty much on call for StrowlerCon stuff all week this week.

October 4: Date night with feste_sylvain
October 5: Diesel?
October 6:
October 7: Back-to-school night at Elayna's school


October 11:
October 12: Diesel?
October 13: Roller-skating!
October 14: Becca Loebe at BC
October 15:

October 16: Rhinebeck
October 17:

October 18: Afternoon is for writing
October 19: Diesel with feste_sylvain
October 20: BARCC: Respecting Boundaries workshop (early afternoon); late afternoon/evening with sindrian
October 21: BARCC: Consent workshop (early afternoon)
October 22: Afternoon is for writing; Anniversary dinner

October 23: Two parties!
October 24: Anniversary! <3

October 25: Peer Supe; work is 1-5.
October 26: Diesel?
October 27: Afternoon is for writing
October 28: Mammogram; BARCC's Champions for Change Gala
October 29: Afternoon is for writing; The Big Broadcast of 1946

October 30: GMDVP Masquerade Gala
October 31:
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