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Happy birthday to greektoomey!

State of the 'Song
Still working through my tired, but painwise I'm good; I was able to help friends move with no ill effects.

So that just happened.
It has been a week of big shifts in my romantic/sexual life, none currently up for discussion but all very good. I am in a state of "Dude!" Also in a state of having delicious temporary secrets.

Today I swear. Mea maxima culpa, I have once again not been home + conscious; I have an errand to run on the way home, but when home I must collate StrowlerCon stuffs.

For Steam-Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories. Features a bunch of nifty writers including nojojojo, saraphina_marie, tithenai, karnythia, time_shark, shweta_narayan, and, oh yeah, me. This is probably my only steampunk story ever, so if that's your thing, you definitely want this! More details here. :)

Link Soup
* Yeah, I'm about as subtle as Mal.
* The rate of celiac disease diagnosis is growing.
* Moonfail: How Wiscon should be handling it, and what the co-chairs ought to be posting.

Daily Science
The entanglement of quantum objects can take surprising forms. Quantum physicists at the University of Innsbruck have investigated several flavors of entanglement in four trapped ions and report their results in the journal Nature Physics. Their study promotes further developments towards quantum computing and a deeper understanding of the foundations of quantum mechanics.

Work work work. I need to run an errand on the way home; when I get home, StrowlerCon finalization and post, and then I need to make a list of stuff what needs doing this week. Tonight I have BARCC Peer Supe, which I would love to miss in favor of getting stuff done, but really can't, as it's our new coordinator's first meeting. After that, a Girls' Night Out, if that's still going on.

For the week in general: I have no plans Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, and I am keeping it that way with the exception of whatever night feste_sylvain's free; Friday is date night with Adam, and Saturday with sindrian. Last week got kinda taken over, and I want the opposite of that this week, because I'm behind on a lot.
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