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Post-writing (no, the story's not done, but I am done working on it for right now), pre-nap.

What is your favorite children's /YA book?
There are too many to name! Um. Let's say A Wrinkle in Time.

Is lurking patiently in my brainmeats. I owe a crtain editor two stories by midOctober, one of which is the one I started today, and I owe some other short fiction and poetry elsewhere, and I have this Thing wherein I feel guilty about diving into novelling when I have other stuff to do first. But rest assured that it is happening.

Is it always good when people not on your friendslist join in with conversation on your LJ? I feel I'm crashing the party sometimes. (This is not a passive aggressive way to ask for friending.)
Comment away! It is almost always awesome. I don't add people to my friendslist often unless I know them in person or have known them online for years - not being on my friendslist is usually just because I don't have enough LJ-reading time to read all the nifty people. But I like discussions here.

What do you do when your muscles hurt, when it hurts to be touched?
Heh. I take Robaxin, usually. But also I give myself permission to rest. This is a good time to curl up with a book or watch a movie or nap. When it hurts to be touched, be sure to get your love in other, nonphysical ways, so's not to feel deprived.

In North America, from what region come the people you find sexiest?
I... don't think I have a preference? I've found sexy people from just about everywhere. No specific region stands out.

I will be at StrowlerCon doing massage. Any interest in scheduling a session?
Perhaps! I'll get back to you once I've finalized the schedule.

What's the best remedy for a seriously sore throat?
Tea with honey. I love Yogi Throat Comfort tea - as it has slippery elm bark in it, though, pregnant people should not drink it.

How do you not lose faith and keep going?
Oh, love, I've lost my faith a dozen times. But I've picked it back up a dozen and one. Essentially - I'm hella wicked stubborn. If I give up, if I allow myself to lose my faith for good - they win. And I will not let them. I fall down, but I stand back up, because I will not let my faith be taken from me.

what did you last eat?
A gluten-free pumpkin chocolate chip cookie bar. OM NOM NOM.

What has been the best moment of your last year?
I can't pick just one! I was recently asked this at a work checkin, but just the best moment of the past month, not even the year, and - too many! There have been concerts with people I love. There have been first dates and first times and gorgeous realizations. There've been BARCC new volunteer graduations and dancing and howling at the moon, story writing and story sales and awesome readings, gleeful afternoons with my daughter. There have been some awful moments this year, too. But there have been some gorgeous ones.

What is your favorite distraction when the World feels to powerful to fight?
Due to My Childhood And Adolescent Shit, I don't tend to have very much personal connection to my body; my body isn't me, it's this strange and defective bit of meat that's attached to me. So my distraction is actually my grounding - taking the thinking-too-fast hyperanalytic mind and grounding it in the body, and in the body experiencing pleasure. The three big grounding things for me are dancing, sex, and kink. When doing those things, I am doing only those things; I can turn off the "aaaagh too much to do and plan and think and be" and just be there, in what Elfquest calls the Now of wolf thought. And I always come away from those things feeling very restored, and ready to engage with the world again.

How does BARCC interact with the legal community?
We have an awesome legal advocacy department! We also work closely with the Victim Rights Law Center, which started as a part of BARCC. :)

I absolutely love the way you dress, where do you shop?
Oh, shopping is so fraught for me! *laugh* But I hit sales at Anthropologie whenever they have them. Lots of my stuff comes from there and from thrift stores. T-shirts, usually ThinkGeek or shirt.woot. Most of my basic wardrobe staples come from Target.

You have one weekend free to do whatever you want with whomever you want. Describe the weekend.
This is another "how can I possibly choose?" question! Too many people! Way too many! With you, it'd be that culinary tour we've been discussing, plus whatever hijinks we get into along the way. We need a videographer.

Do you think boobs should used as non-leathal weapons?

More answers later! And I swear I should write a series of posts about the weekend one.

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