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Happy early birthday to pierceheart, rhiannonhero, fubar, and jmspencer, who advance a year over the weekend!

State of the 'Song
Bed before ten last night, and slept til 8. Very much needed. The headache that's been chasing me all week has finally caught up with me, though. I have popped Excedrin and am waiting. very. patiently.

NYC Readers!
sindrian has a day to kill in your city! Recommendations of cool things to do/places to go?

This is the Home I Choose
As I guided sindrian through the streets of Boston on Wednesday, I was reminded that I've only ever had a sense of direction in two cities: Vegas in Boston. And that's no coincidence, I think. I never felt I had a home anywhere before Vegas, a community - which is why the shattering of everything in Vegas was so harrowing for me. Y'know, beyond the obvious facts of the matters that led up to that shattering. But it was my first home, my first chosen family, so of course it resurfaces all the time in my stories; sixteen years and I am still, in a way, Hal's keeper of secrets; I still remember Layne's quick and quirky smile.

When I left for Florida, it was because I could not raise a baby in Vegas. Not and be fair at all to said baby. Florida was never Home - I do wonder what it would've been like had I met felisdemens, enderfem, maxymyllyn, kires, and the rest of that merry crew before I moved to Atlanta. Atlanta, I moved to for love of yendi... it was not Home, though, not beyond yendi himself and the few good friends from there I've kept. Atlanta was pretty toxic.

And I never learned my way around there, even after five years.

Boston was the home I chose. We looked at Chicago and DC, too, because we knew we wanted the hell out of Atlanta - but it was no contest. It was always Boston, where we already had a community.

This is my second chosen family; this is the home I choose. And if you drop me anywhere in this city, I can get you home from there.

Link Soup
* 30 Days through Muslim America.
* Trajan really is everywhere.
* Boston Book Festival!

BPAL Reviews

Blue Pumpkin Floss: Puffy clouds of pumpkin candyfloss with a trickle of blackberry juice.
In bottle: Pumpkin with the sugar/chemical tang of cotton candy.
On me: Same - and the lick of blackberry poking out from underneath, then mingling, and wow, pumpkinberry yum. Adds depth and deliciousness. Some spice there too.

Calaveras: Xocolatl, tequila, copal incense, smoke-dried jalapeños, vanilla pods, and cajeta.
In bottle: Too much tequila. Vanilla and booze.
On me: Oh hey, there's the copal. And cajeta blending with vanilla. Nice and thick and sweet.

The Hag: Black musk, bay leaves, galangal, bourbon vetiver, blackcurrant, and rum.
In bottle: OH HAI VETIVER also musk and bay.
On me: Currant, galangal, underlayer of musk. The vitiver gets subtle. This is a very dark night. Bay leaves peeking out. Yum.

Pumpkin Latte: Espresso, pumpkin syrup, smoky vanilla bean, milk, raw sugar, and a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg.
In bottle: Starbucks in October.
On me: Starbucks in October. Seriously, this is exactly a pumpkin spice latte. I wore it to work yesterday, and it shifted to being maybe a little oversweet, but we'll see. The cinnamon is definitely popping on me today.

Daily Science
Researchers at Caltech have developed a new type of material—made out of silicon, the second most abundant element in Earth's crust—that could lead to more efficient thermoelectric devices. The material—a type of nanomesh—is composed of a thin film with a grid-like arrangement of tiny holes. This unique design makes it difficult for heat to travel through the material, lowering its thermal conductivity to near silicon's theoretical limit. At the same time, the design allows electricity to flow as well as it does in unmodified silicon.

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Calaveras nightgown, but about to change into jeans and a randomly-chosen t-shirt for my walk to the gluten-free bakery.
Reading: Still Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor - it's intense, so I take breaks.
Writing: The temple-prostitutes-in-Vegas story.
Knitting: On the border of a baby blanket; potentially done today. I need to block the previous baby blanket today so we can get it in tomorrow's mail. The other thing on the needles is the Arabella shawl, and that is for me! (I knit all the time but I never get to keep anything.)
Today: Writing, then nailing down the StrowlerCon schedule. Dinner with thewronghands.
Tomorrow: Tabling at a Northeastern law school event (about internships and volunteer opportunities), party in the evening, sleepover date with feste_sylvain. <3
Sunday: Another small gathering, and I am waiting to hear back from feste_sylvain on whether we can incorporate something else into our morning/early afternoon. (EDIT: Yes, we can, so we'll be helping hammercock and trowa_barton move.) Evening at home.

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