Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

hairshock, plus

I - I got my hairs cut, you guys.

Because I lost half my hair last year, it is slowly growing out and filling out, and every so often I take a deep breath and get a couple inches off to help it look sort of level as it grows back. Last week I noticed that I have a lot of thick curly healthy hair almost to my shoulders, and then the thin fried stuff. So. Hair appointment.

Stylist says "Are you okay with losing a few inches?"

Deep breath. Feel down healthy hair to fried hair, mark the end of the healthy hair with my fingers. "Yep. That."

So yeah, I have shoulder-length hair now. A little longer in the back because layers. But yes. I am shaking my head and feeling the hair not being there and Elayna is mocking my pain.

"Elayna. I look like a grownup."

"Yes, Mother."

"But. Elayna. I am not a grownup."

"I know, Mother."


It's better than the pain of a thousand cuts of little trims. This way I don't have to re-get-used-to incrementally shorter hair. I just have to deal with this, and when it's over that will mean I have my hair again.

Stylist confirms that it is totally growing in blonde, and the ?!? is unanimous.

On my way home, I passed my eye doctor and decided to be a fucking grownup and schedule my visual field test. They actually had no appointments just then, so I got seen right away. They've changed the test - instead of flashing lights, now it's wavy lines. Went through my right eye pretty quickly, but my left eye was problematic. I wasn't blinking enough, the lines were far less distinct... he ran me through it five times, til I was getting a bunch of false positives. "The whole world is wavy lines now," I lamented. Nyargh. There is one part of my visual field that I was consistently not registering, so I'll be back in a few months and we'll keep a close watch on it; with my eye pressure and corneal thickness, we're pretty much just waiting for the glaucoma to show up.

Why I resent medical stuff so much: because I will always be back in a few months. Opthalmology, rheumatology, neurology, mammography. I have a cardiologist and a pulmonologist. And on average, every six months for most of them. My neurologist and rheumatologist like to see me every two months. It is exhausting just to keep up with this shit. Which explains why I was several months late getting the visual field test and was growling in my head as I walked in, even though I like my opthalmologist. Because sometimes I just want a whole month of no doctors.

Grump. I will go schedule my October mammogram now, since I'm already in this mood.
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