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Happy birthday to charlesatan!

Hello to new reader greylen!

State of the 'Song
Okay, I apparently have a solution to my sleep-dep issue. I don't like it. But I have tested the hypothesis and the results are clear. So. When I take Robaxin, I sleep through the night, and so I should be doing that, at least until Adam gets his CPAP replaced with a different kind, which he is working on.

I kinda really hate this solution. I've been striving all year to be taking *less* medication; I went from three Robaxin a day to zero, and cut my Celebrex dose in half. But if it's the difference between sleep and no-sleep, especially when a highly likely consequence of no-sleep is seizures, I have to suck it up and take it. (Yes, I wake up even through the max dose of Lunesta. I KNOW.)

Considering that my other plan was to completely alter my sleep schedule so I'd sleep 2pm-10pm, wake up and get shit done through the night, and have my work time at BARCC essentially be my evenings, this is better?

Panel signups are open! So sign up! Technically you have til October 2, but sign up now. Also remember that if you have a specific reason you want to be on the panel, or some particular point of expertise, please tell us in the handy-dandy comment box. When assigning panels, I look at the ranking (1-5) and the comments *first*.

Read s00j's post here! Repost it everywhere! And remember to reserve your hotel room. Like now.

Me, I will be working on the workshops/panels today. We have some crazynifty stuff going on, I tell you what.

Poem of the Day
"Come if you like", by papersky. Yes. Just yes.

Link Soup
* Help restock the DVD collection of a childrens' hospital in Australia.
* Possible additional Elizabeth Moon Islamophobia?
* The Law of the Ugly Chair.
* 6 movies that didn't realize they let the villain win.

BPAL Reviews

Harvest Moon 2010: This Harvest lunacy combines the autumnal scents of dry leaves, mulling spices, balsam fir, cedar, juniper berry, clove, saffron, damson plum, sage, yarrow, and lily twined with Dionysus' sacred grapes and ivy, a bounty of apple and pumpkin, and the amaranth and lingum aloes of Janus, all touched by a gentle breath of festival woodsmoke and sweet wine.
In bottle: The mulling spices leap out first, with the apple; the rest of it is all muddled with itself. Getting some plum now, and hints of aloe.
On me: Oh hai sage! Sharp bristles of fir and juniper in the mulled apples and plums. Twines back and forth between harvesty and herby. I think this one may be a multi-hour morpher; I'll wear it to work and see.

Mabon 2010: Blackberry wine and apple with hops, English ivy, rosemary, hazel, sage, chamomile, sweetgrass, oak bark, wild nuts, and myrrh.
In bottle: Blackberry omfg. INHALE! Rosemary. Yes. Excited. Sentence fragments.
On me: Rrrrrosemary. Rosemary sage myrrh. Dudes, I think I may need another bottle of this.

Wildfire 2010: A traditional blend of woods used in Celtic pyromantic divinatory practices, updated and contemporized with the addition of a fae blend of orris essence, dragon's blood, juniper berry, and red rose.
In bottle: Dragon's blood and rose? Rose? Aw crap. I wouldn't have ordered this had I seen that. Ah well.
On me: AAAAAAAGH GEDDITOFFME. BPAL's rose note always turns to hideous five-and-dime chemical "rose-scented" stench on me. Pfeh.

The Lotus Tree
In bottle: o.O not lotus. Planty, but not the hypersweet scent I associate with BPAL's lotus.
On me: On, there it is. Still planty as this is the tree and not just the blossom, but there's the honey-thick-sweet lotus.

Off to the shower to get Wildfire 2010 the hell off me. Then StrowlerCon stuff and blocking a baby blanket and any other miscellaneous bits and bobs I've time for. I work from 1-9pm today - the last info session til December, yay!
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