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State of the 'Song
Earplugs fall out. He's looking into a new CPAP. I'm underslept and looking at a 12-hour day.

lovefromgirl asks: "My darling and his darling (so, my darlings) will be in the Boston area week after next, and they are big-time foodies. Have you or yours got any special places they must not miss? :)"

I'll work up a list, but this is the sort of game that's more fun when everyone plays. :) Bostonians! Favorite restaurants? (And who wants to check out Journeyman and The Foundry with me?)

G33k and G4m3r Girls
Okay, so! I have an opinion! It may be unpopular! I don't care! I will do my best to frame it as well as possible. But. Underslept.

So there is this video, which Adam and I both posted over the weekend. We <3 it.

Early comments pointed out that it would be nice to have more body diversity and racial diversity; I agree, that would be awesome, because geek girls come in all shapes, sizes, colors, et cetera. I feel like this is a valid point to make.

But then - on other people's LJs - I started to see a lot of pissiness about "why did they have go get a bunch of fake skinny bitches to sing it? Why not Real Gamer Girls?"

To which I must ask you to apply the damn brakes.

Because y'all? As my husband pointed out in comments here: those are the women who wrote the song. They are real gamer girls. Hell, they brought most of the action figures from home. And telling geek girls that they're not allowed to look a certain way - are we not, y'know, against that?

All shapes and sizes, y'all. All.

So basically yeah. More diversity in representation of geek girls would be awesome. Let's make more videos! But calling actual geek women fake because they don't fit your narrow idea of what a geek woman is allowed to look like is some bullshit, y'all.

Link Soup
* This comic has been rocking my socks.
* Oh, look, DragonCon had lots of sexual assaults this year. I'm shocked. Really. No. This happens every year, it will not change, and it will continue to get worse, because the con doesn't see it as a problem; their attitude is "you buy your ticket, you take your chances", Security is a joke, and they outright encourage a toxic atmosphere. So, y'know, this is me not being shocked.
* haikujaguar pointed these one and I want.
* Cool Photoshop contest: vintage ads for fictional futures.
* I know someone here was having trouble with fruit flies; I just can't remember who. Maybe this will help?
* Dear comic book geeks: for your babies.
* Call for submissions for Jewish gay and lesbian poetry.

Daily Science
Researchers have modeled the likely path taken by Halley's comet in the 5th century BC and compared their findings to ancient Greek texts from the period. They now suggest the ancient Greeks saw the comet, which would make the sightings over two centuries earlier than previous known observations.

Crazy workday again, then a three-hour tabling. For the National Guard, so I am dressed all professional and shit. I have two hours between that and my BARCC peer supe meeting, so if anyone wants to grab a quick and early dinner somewhere on the Red Line (I have to be at BARCC's Central Square office ~6), let me know!
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