Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Little things say big things.

At yesterday's party, grillmaster teddywolf arranged for me to get my burger first, to avoid possible contamination; he hand-delivered it with a hug. goddessfarmer and sweetmmeblue made sure to let me know that the food they'd brought was gluten-free, and goddessfarmer brought me over a brownie. Later, sweetmmeblue let me be the Glowstick Faerie and hand out glowsticks to all the good little girls and boys. And some older ones who are maybe not as good. But not-good in good ways. :)

There was a knitting circle and a Pony Corner ("If you can do it with a robot, you can do it with a pony!") and firespinning and very many hugs and some maybe-flirting. I chairdanced during the firespinning rather a lot. And then danced with pretty girls, mostly sariel_t and stakebait. And my beautiful daughter danced, and had ever so much fun with her community... her generation is blending more and more with the one just prior, and she is always made to feel safe and comfortable.

Today emilytheslayer came over and taught me magic loop and double circs and cabling and we got to just hang out a bit; my husband is making me red beans and rice, and later there is a birthday party for two other lovely friends.

I have been knitting baby blankets all year, and sometimes I am all "agh yes another baby blanket", but really? this is all of these amazing women in my life taking this tremendous leap (all but one are first-time moms). And I know what's coming up for them, and yes it is hard, but WOW is it amazing and there's nothing, nothing like it. And I am so glad that these babies are coming, because all of these people are going to make such kickass parents and I think that more awesome people should have babies! (If they want to.)

There are many of us and we are connected, and we do small things that say big things - whether that's a hug when needed or a blanket or a gluten-free brownie.

And I am so lucky to know you.
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