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Happy birthday to fastfwd, tinhuviel, wired_lizard, and xoder!

Happy early birthday to bunny_sonatas, who advances a year over the weekend!

State of the 'Song
So I'm essentially on a week of sleep dep now. This dose of Lunesta is insufficient, but it's the highest dose they'll prescribe. Thing is, when Adam's CPAP slips, it produces this immense roaring sound; this wakes me up several times a night. Sooo... yeah. I don't know.

Last night in particular was one of those nights when the noise kept hauling me up from a very deep sleep, so time was very stretchy, and it feels like a week's worth of naps in one night, and I am bitterly exhausted.

Link Soup
* The Initiated Woman.
* Have you made your StrowlerCon arrangements yet?
* September 16, Lir Pub, Socializing for Justice. You want to go to there.

Daily Science
All about water on Mars.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Sheer-ish long-sleeved paisley top with fun weird cuffs; jeans.
Reading: Cognitive Surplus by Clay Shirky and Darker Angels by MLN Hanover.
Writing: When Adam's CPAP stops slipping and I can get a full night of sleep and don't need to seize whatever afternoon sleep I can, then I will be writing.
Knitting: I am at the stage in a baby blanket where it's too big to haul on the T, which means everything goes slower. I need to find some time to sit down with a movie and knit my ass off just to get past it. It is becoming shawl and armwarmer weather, and I want to be working on those.
Today's another manic workday, then nap if I can, because tonight's a pub crawl for my BARCC friend Dave's birthday.
Tomorrow is the End of Summer party!
Sunday is another friend's party, plus maybe emilytheslayer teaching me Magic Loop.

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