Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Odin's Day

Rabbit rabbit!

State of the 'Song
The pain has gone, but the nausea remains. It's enough to haul myself to work.

Game and Craft Day!
Sunday Sunday Sunday! RSVP here! If you're not on Facebook:
We have a vast collection of board games, card games, all manner of games; feel free to bring your own, but you might like to check first to make sure we don't already have it! We'll try to have crunchy and fluffy games running in parallel, to cover a variety of gaming tastes.

"But Shira," you say, "I am not a gamer, yet still I would like to hang out!" ...That's cool. I'll be knitting. Bring your crafty stuff, too. Unless you're a blacksmith or a glassblower, as our apartment is not well suited to that sort of crafting.

We have three cats; they can be sequestered, but I cannot guarantee eradication of all the dander ever. Medicate accordingly. SOs, friends, and well-behaved children welcome.

Noon to seven, drift in or out as you will.

This poll fascinates me. There's an interesting correlation there that I need a little more data on...

Link Soup
* Would you buy a cookbook for charity?
* Quietly devastating (trigger warning for body image issues).
* Queering SFF: Where's the Polyamory? (ed. note: Shayara, for one. Need to be working on that again.)

Daily Science
FORGET the imaginary filaments used to weave the clothes that fooled the fabled emperor, can we make real invisible threads instead? Combining techniques used to produce light-bending metamaterials with those used to make optical fibres might just do the trick.

Work, home, cleaning if it's cool enough in the house, vetting Arisia panels, doing round two of StrowlerCon stuff. Hauling down bags of outgrown-by-Elayna clothes for rintrahroars. We do love having kids to give this stuff to; Elayna discovered another dress she'd outgrown this weekend and was all sadface, then shrugged: "Oh well. K. will love it!"
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