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September Schedule

Work 9-1 every day; writing time 2-5. Diesel on Tuesday evenings when I can.

9/1: rintrahroars picking up kid clothes; editing Arisia lit track.
9/2: No plans.
9/3: Court date to get Elayna's settlement.
9/4: Workshop at Wyrding Studios; no evening plans.
9/5: Game/craft day.

9/6: No plans
9/7: Elayna's first day of school!
9/8: Arisia: Deadline for panel edits. Dancing at Excess?
9/10: Dave's birthday party
9/11: End of Summer party
9/12: fiddle_dragon and wired_lizard's party

9/13: BARCC: Tabling (1-4pm) (National Guard) and Peer Supe (6-8pm)
9/15: Work from 1-5; information & interview session for new volunteers 5-9.
9/16: BARCC: Tabling at Socializing for Justice, Lir Pub, 6pm-8pm
9/17: Great Big Sea concert with Adam!
9/18: Strange Horizons Reading at 2pm; feste_sylvain's birthday party!
9/19: Pilar's party; Revels RiverSing

9/20: Work from 1-5; information & interview session for new volunteers 5-9.
9/21: Writing Day; hanging out with mangosteen
9/22: Haircut @ 1:30; date with sindrian
9/23: BARCC: Tabling 1-2:30 (City Hall); chat with aquila_dominus
9/24: Writing Day
9/25: BARCC: Tabling 12:30-2:00 (Northeastern Law); Party
9/26: Brunch-A-Q

9/27: BARCC Peer Supe 6-8pm

Note that this looks uncharacteristically sane. I cannot guarantee that it will remain so.
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