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Happy birthday to popelizbet!

Hello to new readers 404_lost and cure4lupus!

State of the 'Song
Weary. Attending a friend's memorial is a bit like being punched repeatedly in the sternum. Also, third night in a row of interrupted sleep.

A Letter to a Pair of Boots
Dear Gilgarran Boots,

You are so TOTALLY AWESOME. But you are not worth $300 to me. Especially because the smallest size you come in is slightly too big.


PS: Gyar I need boots or even just shoes I can walk a few miles in. Recommendations? Cinderella's of Boston appears to only have three pairs of flats.

Link Soup
* My husband on why Death Proof is the worst Friday the 13th movie ever.
* Some views of Dr. Laura's latest racist fuckery.
* The Baby-Sitters Club, by Bret Easton Ellis.
* These cats disapprove of your shenanigans.

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* New gel could speed wound healing.
* A newly-discovered asteroid near Neptune holds several clues about the early formation of our solar system.
* Einstein@Home 'citizen scientists' discover a new pulsar in Arecibo telescope data.

Work, possibly a nap, then back to the office to a training. Nap is conditional upon exhaustion levels. Killing the time between work and moar work at the yarn store is also an option.
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