Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Odin's Day

Happy birthday to bitsyboo and pretzelcoatl!

State of the 'Song
Worn out, really. But hey, I walked 6.4 miles yesterday. I has calculated it.

All packages were mailed this morning! Also got another $35 in sponsorships yesterday. I'll do the drawing for Fabulous Prize(s) on Friday; all sponsors get a ticket in that. In the meantime I get to decide what Fabulous Prize(s) will be raffled. Note: It will not be what Fabulous Prizes is the usual euphemism for unless I am already inclined to award you Fabulous Prizes, in which case I'd do that anyway.

Double shift today, because the second half of the double shift is the information/interview session for new volunteers. Which will be good in many ways - primarily in getting all of the prospective volunteers for the late August training sorted, but also in that tomorrow I'll be able to put all of the information for the October training on the website and change over all of the materials we e-mail, et cetera. My brain is awfully full lately, and part of it has been running the "update that info-wait-can't do that til the 12th" cycle over and over. I like it best when I can just jump on things and get them done.

It has been a difficult week on the phones, exacerbated by my officemate's vacation (she and I are the first people to get the phone). Love my job, love fighting crime, hate the phones. If I twitch at the ring of a telephone, forgive me, for you have no idea.

If You Are Looking for Something to Do Tomorrow Night
And you like 80s electropop fun, you should go see Dragonette at the Middle East. I fully expect to be bouncing off the walls, and oh do I need that.

Backyard Shakespeare on Friday
Elayna and her friends have a backyard Shakespeare troupe; this summer's performance is The Winter's Tale, and Elayna is Paulina. We should not swarm this one en masse as it is not a huge backyard, but if you're a friend of Elayna and interested, e-mail me and I will give you the info.

Link Soup
* Fuck Yeah Skeksis
* Richard Kadrey is serializing a story.
* A realtime collaborative to-do list.

Daily Science
Researchers have taken one more step toward understanding the unique and often unexpected properties of graphene.

Working a double. Actually, it'll probably be an almost-double; we have fewer people than usual to interview, so I could be out at 8, 8:30. Text me if you are up to hijinks on or near the Red Line 'round then. (Like I said in my big schedule post, it's easier to get together with me if I'm already out of the house.)
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