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Blogathon: Cicatrix

press play.

Once upon a time you were content to be what you were always told you would be - his and powerless and broken. No, not content, but you never knew there was another way to be. You never strove for the air because you never knew it was there. You never knew you could have anything different.

It is painful, emerging from the depths. You must do it slowly, and the pressure threatens to crush you. But once you see the sunlight piercing the depths, you must go.

Once you have seen that there is more, you can't not go.

Once you have seen, you must dare the unknown, the light that dazzles your eyes, the air filling lungs accustomed to choking.

You emerge. Slow slow slow and darting back every few steps, the habit of your entire life pulling you back, but your king is dead, and you can choose to leave.

I can choose to leave.

I can choose to live.

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Team Venture knew him once when he was asleep.

Yeah. It turned out to be all-Cicatrix all the time anyway. I hope you've been enjoying it! My brain was too tired to do this justice, but you will see when it is in the book. When I will have been awake as I wrote it.

One more post to go!
Tags: blogathon.2010, cicatrix
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