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Blogathon: Elsewhere

Once upon a time there was another world. It was a refuge and a haven for a time, but eventually, it was no longer needed.

Not by this girl, at least.

The world is resting. The fire will still crackle in its fireplace, sending a curl of smoke up to alert people to its presence. The herbs will stay perfect in the window, never crumble. The sheep will fend for themselves until their next caretaker comes. And the kingdom outside will manage itself in loops, always ready for the next person who needs it to step in and have an adventure.

The horse wanders away, having its own business to attend to.

The world waits.

"Peace" Pendant by kythryne of Wyrding Studios. "Peace" is from a series about Kythryne's struggle with infertility; in her words, "When I sat down at the workbench this week, I was planning to work in forged copper. Instead, I found myself chronicling the past four years in wire and stones, and in the process, making peace with the experience. As with its sister collection, Women’s Stories Women’s Secrets, I have left these pieces without individual commentary, to allow them to tell their own stories without the influence of my voice." Kythryne is now pregnant! Kunzite, quartz crystal, silver wire. 2 1/2" (65 mm) high, 1" (24 mm) wide.

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Current total: $755.

Holy shit y'all I only need to write two more posts.

I am aware that we lost momentum in the wee hours... I am guided by having to fit story to auction items, and the pace is very different in the actual story. Remember that some of what you read tonight may be the Elseworlds version of the actual story, because these things, they twist and change in the telling.
Tags: blogathon.2010, cicatrix
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