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Blogathon: Elsewhereish

Once upon a time, there was a girl with hair as gold as honey and lips as red as pomegranates. You grew up twisted, gnarled. She grew up entwined with the things that were poisoning her, and she learned to draw sustenance from them.

She learned how to fight to wound and prolong the kill. She learned how to provoke anger and how to provoke lust. She learned how to make people believe what she wanted them to believe. She learned how much pain a body can take without permanent damage.

She would never admit it, but her life has been full of choices. Everyone's life is full of choices, made of choices. She would like to blame her malevolence on her childhood, but she did not have to choose this. She had every chance you had.

That has been the hardest to see - that you had all of the same choices, often at the same time. And though you made choices that hindered you, she made choice that stunted her, warped her.

And as you wake up, she pulls herself deeper.

You will never be her. You have chosen.

"Autumn is Coming" necklace and earrings set by firesign10. Perfect for autumn! Beautiful fall colors to wear around your neck. Round glass beads in rust and topaz colors are patterned with a faceted, slightly iridescent citrine color bead, brass-tone metal spacers, and wood-look spacers. A rectangular metal pendant with dark brown faux stones, light brown resin, and rust and citrine colored glass stones hangs from the center. Barrel clasp. (Pendant itself is not handmade.) Total length for this necklace is 18 1/4 inches. A pair of matching earrings for pierced ears is included.

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Current total: $755.

Team Venture built this city on rock and roll.

Our internet has suddenly gotten very iffy. If we disappear, we didn't fall asleep, we got cut off!
Tags: blogathon.2010, cicatrix
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