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Blogathon: Cicatrix

When you are in Aaron's apartment, you hold his life in your hands.

Your apartment is deliberately sparse. You don't settle in anywhere; you need to be able to pick up and go. Aaron's whole life is here, in sedimentary layers. You know he only moved to town a few years ago, but the accretion is astounding. It looks like he's always lived here. The place is stacks and stacks of books, paraphernalia for a dozen different hobbies, a partially-dismantled bicycle... every time you're here, you find something new. It is an unending scavenger hunt.

This time it's small clay figurines. You pick them up and study the detail; he catches you and lifts yor hand, figurine still in it, to his lips. "Keep it," he says.

You hesitate. It is unnecessary clutter. It is a thing, something to dust and be packed and be aware of.

But he wants you to keep it.

You put it on your desk; every so often you just hold it.

"Lunar Serpent Manitou" by crowgirl13. This slinky beastie is made of high-fire stoneware, with burnished slip on the outside and details picked out by oxides.

"Spiral Heart Manitou" by crowgirl13. Wee spiral in high-fire stoneware, with burnished slip on the outside and details picked out by oxides.

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Current total: $755.

Victoria is LongCat, and LongCat is Long.

Max is unhappy about the change is his routine and so is shedding explosively at us.

When you critique these please keep in mind that I am massively sleepdepped.
Tags: blogathon.2010, cicatrix
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