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Blogathon: Cicatrix

You enter on Aaron's arm, and it is an entire room full of people who don't know you. People who don't know anything about you. A complete blank slate.

It's terrifying.

You cling to him, desperately wishing to be curled up in his bed or anywhere else, anywhere but here, this parade of strangers with hidden faces. They do not smell like home, like anything, and the masks hide their faces - you have studied facial expressions, but that's no use here. Your studies of interaction do not apply, and neither do your instincts.

He pulls you close and kisses your forehead, just above the mask. "You look beautiful," he says.

"That's not what I'm worried about."

"I know. But you do. And you will be fine."

You glide through the first hour barely speaking, mostly nodding when it looks like you ought to. You get to feeling a little more at ease, but still you are relieved when it's time to leave, when you can take his mask off, see his face; take his waistcoat off and see his name across his skin.

"Peacock" pendant by wytchchyld - Copper enameled in blue -- the color may chip on this wire but can be touched up with nail polish, with nifty brown glass stone.

Don't worry, the posts get longer from here on in, I think. Expect the last one.

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slipjig: "I am no match for the 'song-ass!"
Me: "Aw, did I dislocate your somethin'?"
slipjig: "You dislocated my dignity. They don't make a sling for that."

Team Venture has become alarmingly meta. In other news, Team Venture's new band name is "Alarmingly Meta".

I poured coffee and my wrist was like "fuuuuuuuck you."

Team Venture is pretty fly for a white guy.
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