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Blogathon: Cicatrix

You are cleaning out your desk drawers, which have remained mostly untouched since you moved here. Nestled in the very back of your top drawer, you find a small box. It rattles slightly when you pick it up, and you open it.

It is a map of sorts. It is your history with Jason. Notes from elementary school folded and unfolded so many times that one more time will tear them along the creases. A broken "silver" ring - it was once a snake that coiled around your finger, but only half remains. One stud earring. A dried flower of some indeterminate type. A broken stick of incense. A lump of quartz. All of the things that seem precious to a fifteen-year-old girl, all of the things that you have never let go because they are what you have left of the man who had been your childhood best friend.

I'm sorry, he said, and you said, for what?

You wonder if he had a box like this, too, with the other half of your ring, a lock of your hair, some folded note. You wonder what of you he wanted to keep, if anything.

You never saw him after the time he put you in the hospital. It was the adolescent psych ward and a few other places, and when you got back he called you and you called him, but you were always too busy to see him, and then you moved away. And ten years later, his car was in flames and you were so, so far away.

It was ten years.

You hadn't really realized. He was such a presence in your life that it just felt like he was always there, always lurking, but you had not seen him in ten years. You had been with him for twelve years and without him for ten.

He was engraved in you. You had broken together and regrown around each other.

All you needed and wanted of him was already there. You did not need anything else.

Treasure chest by mizarchivist of Cosmo's Curiosities! Shiver me timbers! Ye found a jolly good berth fer yer prized possessions... assuming they are wee-small.

This fine item has a wood-grain texture and brushed with high/low-light powders to strengthen the verisimilitude. Suggested uses: traveling sewing kit, BPAL imp storage, candy containment. Also good for keeping jewelry (booty!), small sewing/craft supplies- or even a wallet- holds standard sized business cards perfectly.

If you come up with a new thing to store, let mizarchivist know for her ever-growing list.

This was originally a standard Altoids box: 3.75 x 2.25 x 1". High gloss finish.

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Current total: $735.

slipjig will henceforth be known as Slipjiggity. He answered to it, it's his now. Make a note of it.

Also the official dance of Team Venture is the Cabbage Patch.
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