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Blogathon: Cicatrix

You remember Rachael.

Your mother e-mails you the article about her. Missing Persons. Your mother asks if you've seen her, if you know where she might be, if you remember her.

You have not seen her, but you know where she might be.

And you remember her.

You had a crush on Rachael the entire time you were on the ward. She had a quick smile, but she was guarded where it counted. She could discuss her trauma history in a level voice, handwave it, and move on to the next topic, the next person. Whatever.

You would have disbelieved Kai right away if you hadn't seen Rachael's sketchbook.

She had it with her all the time; she only left it behind once, when she was unexpectedly called to the phone. You peeked, and a peek turned into a look, and she was grabbing it out of your hands before you could fully grasp the alien beauty on the pages - smooth clean lines and rich color, shapes that almost resolved into something recognizable, and a sense of longing that was by then terribly familiar.

You knew where she might be. Her and Jeffrey, and maybe Melissa. Not Ryan; he died a few years after you stopped keeping track, accidental overdose. Not Michael. But maybe the others. Maybe.

Custom Artwork by Jenny Anckorn! Super-rare opportunity to own a one of a kind, custom piece of art by Ultra Lilac AKA Jenny Anckorn. She's been a professional illustrator and designer for ten years and she pretty much never does this.

If you win this item she will draw whatever you want, from pretty art to put on your walls, to a tattoo design, to an RPG character portrait, to an erotic picture of Harry Potter juggling chibi Klingons. Really, whatever you want (although obviously she's hoping you pick the latter now.)

The winner will either get an 11" 18" print of the artwork, or a computer disk with the artwork available to print at whatever size you want. She'll be available to discuss your needs and desires (Harry Potter. Go on, you know you want to.) and make one revision to the finished piece if required.

Click here to bid on auction items!
Click here to sponsor me - and e-mail me your receipt so I know how much I'm raising!
Current total: $735.

Ah shit. My wrist is flaring up. I have my Futuro wrap, which helps a bit, but I don't know where my rigid brace is - it's somewhere in my bedroom, where Adam is currently sleeping. *headdesk* Pardon me if some of these end up a little shorter, because my wrist is on icy fire.
Tags: blogathon.2010, cicatrix
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