Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Blogathon: Elsewhere

The last time you visited your elsewhere, you were fifteen.

You were with Jason, and he started, and you released - slipped away from your body, slipped between, dove into it, dove toward home swift and sure. Your cottage was just as you'd left it, as always. You put the kettle on and picked up your spinning, hummed to yourself as you set the spindle in action, let the wool slip between your fingers -

And he was there, a shadow across your door.

You dropped the spindle; you didn't realize you'd done it until it clattered on the floor, rolled against your foot. Jason's shadow brought a chill into the cottage, one the fire couldn't dispel, and you were frozen, curled in your chair, not daring to move or speak.

He crossed the room slowly, taking stock; he stopped right in front of you, almost touching you. "This is it?" he said, eyes and voice full of disdain.

"This is where I go." Your voice is too-small. It gives away too much.

"This is the best you can come up with, Ashley? This is the best you can get to? Shit, I have dragons. What do you have? Forest fairies?"

"I have - I have a horse. And there's a kingdom out there - there are adventures."

"But what do you do?"

"I come here. I - I spin. I work with the herbs in the garden. I ride."

(Years later, you know what you should have said. You should have said "I don't get raped, that's what happens when I come here." But back then, you weren't even calling it that, would never have thought to call it that. All you knew is that here no one hurt you, here you were safe.)

"You know how long it's been for me, Ashley? Since I went home?"


"Five years."

"I - I'm -"

His hand is in her hair, and his eyes have gone dark and cold, alien. Her Jason is nowhere in there. "If I don't get to go elsewhere, neither do you."

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Had to lump two yarns together because I have become aware that I have too many items, even with lumpig some together earlier. Meeeeep!

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Tags: blogathon.2010, cicatrix
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