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Blogathon: Cicatrix

You remember Jeffrey.

He was quiet, but not like Michael. He was not angry. He was withdrawn, shy. He avoided the fights - he avoided most everyone. He didn't speak if he could help it; he was noncommittal in group, sat by himself as much as people let him.

They held a dance at the ward once. Michael and a bunch of the other guys got as close to going off as they could without breaking the dance up - because as much as it was an opportunity to cause trouble, it was an opportunity to have their hands on the girls, and no one wanted to lose that.

Jeffrey leaned against the wall. His sole concession to the occasion was that he'd braided his long hair, but he still seemed miles and miles away.

Until Kai approached him.

You could see her intentions from across the room. She'd shrugged Michael off, disgusted or bored, and surveyed the room; she identified Jeffrey as prey and sidled up to him.

He was nearly a foot taller than her, but she was the aggressor - she had him pinned to the wall through sheer force of will. And he was pinned, even though she wasn't touching him, was just standing too-close, leaning in. Everything in him shouted it - that he did not dare to move.

She leaned in even closer; you saw her mouth moving. To this day, you have no idea what she said to him. But for the first and last time, Jeffrey struck first - shoving Kai bodily away, sending her sprawling across a nearby table, and bolting for the door. The orderlies caught him before he made it out, bringing him down, bell-first on the ground, yelling for Thorazine, and you were pressed against the other wall, hand over your mouth, until a nurse seized your arm and hauled you out. The ward went on lockdown until they had Jeffrey secured in restraints. You sat on your bed and Kai sat on hers, sly grin on her face as if daring you to ask.

You never did.

Jeffrey was transferred out a month later. For the entire rest of the time you were there, you were finding notes from him. Poems, mostly, or song lyrics. They were under the lunch table, or stuck in the NA books, or jammed into gaps in the fences. His poetry lasted longer on the ward than he did.

He disappeared, last heard from a few months ago. You cannot prove that Kai did not send him back.

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Cucumber Crits! Critiques by cucumberseed!

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