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Blogathon: Cicatrix

You remember Michael.

Michael was lean - muscular in the way that wouldn't show with clothes on, but he never put on a shirt when he could help it. Skate rat with dark ragged bangs and sullen eyes.

His elsewhere was crystalline.

He never talked about it. He was in group with the rest of you, so you knew he was like you, but he never spoke, and when he talked outside of group, it was about anything but that. He was aggressive - he pushed first in the way that guys who've been pushed themselves have. Plenty of people just postured, but Michael didn't fuck around. He started fights. He got in, got the other person down, got out. He was fast and mean, but not large, so he knew to get out.

He would carve the structures into his desk in the tiny, airless classroom. With a pen, with a thumbnail, with whatever he could get his hands on. It was a compulsion. He would cover a desk or a notebook or bits of the wall with meticulous angular crystalline structures, overlapping, repeating, unceasing. He didn't seem to notice he was doing it. It was completely compulsive. You knew it had to be in his head - layers on layers on layers of angles reflecting each other at each other, Michael in his hall of mirrors, Michael crowded out by his own elsewhere til he was throwing punches just to feel something else.

Michael killed his father and then himself, three years after you saw him last. He shot his mother as well, but she survived. You would have known, but you stopped keeping track after two years, after Ron overdosed. You couldn't keep the list going anymore. You had crossed off too many names, too often. You could not watch anymore.

Kai had not sent him back. Or if she had, he hadn't been able to stay.

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One of these days I am going to tell y'all exactly how much of what I'm posting here is autobiographical. That day is probably not today.

Also, we are going into the tired portion of the Blogathon, so please excuse me if these start to really suck.

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Current total: $705.

Strip Blogathon. Get me to $1,000 and I start removing more clothing.

Team Venture will be the man who will fight for your honor. We'll be the hero that you're dreaming of.
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