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Blogathon: Elsewhere

When you first went elsewhere, you were just as lost there as you are in the world you call real. You remember blood and pain and terror and feeling torn apart, and then you were safe

you are eight and you are safe

far far away from anything you knew, huddled in a forest clearing.

You climbed trees, you plaited grass, you swam in the pond, but you were aimless until you found the cottage and the woman who lived there. The cottage was heavy grey stone, cool to the touch, twisting curl of smoke from the chimney and scent of stew on the breeze, and you found yourself peering in the door.

The woman sat by the fire. Her chair was oddly-shaped, smooth warm wood low to the ground, just perfect for the way she sat, legs pulled up under her. You watched her hands move, tried to suss out what she was doing - and she looked right at you and smiled, and invited you in.

She looked a bit like you. A grown-up you, calm and pretty, with strong calves and strong wrists and crinkles around her eyes. She fed you stew in a smooth wooden bowl, and she showed you what she was doing - spinning wool sheared from the sheep in her backyard pen. She hooked it onto her spindle and let fly, and you just watched. You could have watched for hours. It was oddly hypnotic.

She taught you how, and that was even more hypnotic. And soothing. You sat beside her and spun, and sometimes you sat in her chair and spun, and then, after a while, she was no longer there, and the cottage was all yours, and you began to make a life for yourself.

Teacup spindle by jenstclair! Teacup support spindle, comes with the little bowl. .245 ounces. Loves to spin thin! (Silk is great, or wool, or anything else.) This is a supported spindle, intended to be used on your lap or on a desk. More information can be found at Don't know how to use a support spindle? Watch the artist's demo!

Also by jenstclair! Books! Nine Lives and Three Wishes is a YA fantasy in which a cat is granted three wishes and has to deal with the consequences when Faerie demands payment. The Tenth Ghost, The Ninth Guest, and The Eighth Room are YA fantasies about a girl's adventures at Darkbrook, the only school of magic in the United States.

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Team Venture shoutout to swashbucklr, who assumes the position to take his pit crew shift! He is wearing a Captain Hammer shirt, a kilt, and something a polite young lady would not mention and I won't either.
Tags: blogathon.2010, cicatrix
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