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Blogathon: Cicatrix

You are so very lost in this world.

You aren't the only one. Your early years were a minefield of people like you, people torn between this world and their elsewheres. People who grew up navigating by stars that don't exist in this sky. And you have found that many elsewhere have not just something different, but something extra, something that doesn't exist here, something without which all your moorings are just lost.

For you, for your elsewhere, it is scent.

In your elsewhere, you navigated by sight, by hearing, by touch, yes, but also by scent, and in a way that you can't here - here it's like that sense is cauterized, blunted. Scent exists here, but so flat and crude that it is almost not the same sense at all. At home, scent was a secret language beneath language. There were scent trails to mark the path. There was a certain certainty about people, about what they thought and how they felt; their scent bore things out. Things were layered where here they are almost accidental splotches of monochrome.

You are so lost and you cannot find the path, because no one can mark the path for you. No one here speaks your language. You are not of this world, never mind that you were born here. No one here can be taught your language, and you speak theirs only haltingly. You study body language, you study psychology, you try to understand a world where people can lie.

You try, you fail, you hurt. You do not know how to not hurt. But you cannot bear to stop trying.

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This is what the sea smells like in Ash's world, layer upon layer upon layer.

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Team Venture shoutout to wired_lizard, who is writing a Xenosaga novelization up in here!

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