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Blogathon: Meet Team Venture and friends!

Y'all know who I am. You know what I am doing: Spontaneous flash fiction and poetry inspired by auction items. You know I'm doing it for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. You know how to sponsor me.

slipjig is blogging for The National Multiple Sclerosis Society again! He says, "And as for a theme, I've decided to revive the All List Format that served my well in 2008. Which is the other part I need your help with: I need list ideas. Basically, any sort of list that can be written up (with appropriate commentary, as applicable) in a reasonable (i.e. less than a half-hour) amount of time will be more than welcome. Lists that I've used in past years have included:

* Least Popular Pizza Toppings
* Things That Should Not Be Used in an Erotic Scenario
* New Skills You'd Like to Acquire, and Why
* Personalities Least Likely to Get a Ben & Jerry's Flavor
* Fictional Worlds and Universes You Wouldn't Mind Emigrating To
* Authors You'd Most Like to Seduce
* Rejected Titles for Laurell K. Hamilton Novels
* Things I Cannot Afford Right Now
* Things You'd Do If You Had a Zeppelin
* Least Useful Borg Attachments

There's no limit to the number of list ideas you can submit. All such ideas will be placed in the fabled Hat of Destiny. and will be drawn randomly every 30 minutes and written on. Also, the ideas in the Hat of Destiny will be available to other bloggers as well, be they members of Team venture or no, in the event of writer's block. The sky's the limit, people."

jennifer is blogging for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center! She'll be posting spontaneous flash fanfic - list of fandoms will be posted here.

wired_lizard is blogging for Heifer International! Her blogathon fic project? "This year, I will be starting a far larger project that is chewing on my skull: a novelization of the Xenosaga games, incorporating the obscure background material only available in fan translations, because that story and those characters are too AWESOME not to share. Epic space opera shall ensue! I may also diversify with a few unrelated ficlets, especially upon request from donors."

nevacaruso is blogging for Doctors Without Borders! Her project: "Fun-sized servings of X-Men fan fiction, including crossovers! Come help celebrate superheroes who battle villains, intolerance, and sleep deprivation in order to help others! Mutant powers and magical weapons not required!"

Did you think that was all? That is not all. Right up the street, we have thesilentpoet blogging for the ALS Organization and jennaria blogging for the Nature Conservancy. Across town, we have adriannebrennan also blogging for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. Outside of Massachusetts altogether, belgatherial is blogging for KidsCan StandTall, freyapax is blogging for Wonders and Worries, sealgair is blogging for The Human Rights Campaign, and spoothbrush is blogging for UNICEF!

So sponsor a blogger today, and follow along tomorrow. Feed us with comments and donations. :)

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