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Happy birthday to cmpriest!

Happy early birthday to crystalsage and mr_wombat, who advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new readers bleaknimue and ladyriv!

State of the 'Song
So far, less exhausted today than I've been the rest of the week. I'll take it.

Is tomorrow! Today you will see some preview posts (I have more than 49 auction items to highlight) and an intro to Team Venture. (If you're doing Blogathon, comment here and I'll point people your way!)

I'm at $425 thanks to perldiver, arianhwyvar, enderfem, and ckd! Click here to sponsor me! Click here to buy shiny things! There are still bidless items and items going for cheap.

And spread those links far and wide!

Dating While Feminist
turned into 'Song Talking People into Volunteering at BARCC. Hey, I have my skillset.

No, it worked really well beyond that; props to Dave. I was just amused at my unintentional recruitment.

Link Soup
* haddayr on the relative importance of chronic pain.
* Stieg Larsson has issues and I am not reading those books, thanks.
* 3-D printed fabrics!
* 6 reasons why you'll never upload your mind into a computer.

Daily Science
A chemical compound that boosts the action of a molecule normally produced in the brain may provide the starting point for a new line of therapies for the treatment of epileptic seizures, according to a new study by scientists at The Scripps Research Institute.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Green skirt with white daisies and black crewneck tee; winged key pendant by arianhwyvar, who has a key pendant in the auction I am just saying.
Reading: Still on Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men, by Michael Kimmel, because I interrupted it for The Department of Mad Scientists: How DARPA Is Remaking Our World, from the Internet to Artificial Limbs, by Michael Belfiore.
Writing: Wrote and sold a story this week, leave me 'lone. No, I need to do more, but I've been in a state of exhaustion and Blogathon distraction.
Knitting: Still the red baby blanket, but I have decided on my next shawl; it will be a Clothilde. Or a Dover Castle Shawl. If it's the latter, it'll be the first of the Shayara pieces I'm doing. But it scares me because it is charted, with no written instructions.
Planning: If you don't know by now...

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