Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

On types

(At this point I am just struggling to keep myself awake til I can go home. There was a casual glutening Monday night and it has been kicking my ass. Please excuse lapses into illogic.)

Last night at Diesel, the crush meme was a subject of conversation, with one person expressing surprise that more than one person was crushing on both them and another person very unlike them. (I hope that makes sense.)

This led to a discussion of types, which I bring here. My angle, personally. Your angle is also welcome, of course.

I don't find that I have a physical type. I have noted that more often than not, I prefer people with dark hair over people with fair hair, but there are many exceptions. That's about it, though. I've dated guys ranging in height from 5'2" to 6'4". (I have not kept track of girlfriends' height, but I think they average about 5'2" to 5'....8", maybe?) I have dated very skinny people, I have dated people who would be considered heavyset. I've dated people at every level of masculine/feminine gender presentation.

So what's my type?

My type is smart.

My type is smart, funny, intellectually curious. My type defaults to doing the right thing and giving a shit about the world around them. My type is geeky - I talk in loops of SF and comic book references, and if you speak my language, that gives us a head start! My type can hold their own in a conversation with me. My type doesn't take any shit from me and isn't afraid to disagree with me.

As far as preferences go, though none of this is iron-clad - I prefer to date people who are already in good solid primary relationships. I make a kickass secondary, but I know I don't have the bandwidth to be a kickass primary to anyone but Adam these days, so I'm not a good match for anyone who wants someone to be the center of their universe. I like it when you have a great partner and you're stable. I like the kinky funtimes, but they're not necessary.

And my brain is wandering, so I'll pick back up on this later.
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