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Happy birthday to zlana!

Hello to new reader two_grey_rooms!

State of the 'Song
Stressmonkey, but if everything works out today, that should be alleviated somewhat.

The auction is up! Go! Bid!

If you have stuff in the auction, please tell your fans so they know to bid! (If you need any changes made to your listing, e-mail me.)

For more on Blogathon, click here!

I forgot to tell you guys! Elayna called on Friday! She's having a great time. <3 So far she likes criminal psychology best; forensic science is a bit 101 for her, but I told her she'll probably get to learning new stuff soon. Her mini-courses are Vampires in Popular Literature (she's write Carmilla fanfic) and Shakespeare Goes to the Movies. This weekend's trips were to the Mystic Aquarium and The Winter's Tale. Explo Senior is less tightly programmed than intermediate, so there's more wandering time; she's making new friends as well as hanging out with last summer's friends. Her roommate doesn't speak much English and Elayna doesn't speak much Spanish (roommate is from Venezuela), so there's a bit of a lack of connection there, but Elayna says the roommate does seem to be having a good time.

So yes. Elayna status = AWESOME, even if last night's dance had crappy music, as her Facebook friends are aware.

Rebecca Loebe is playing at the Toad in Cambridge next Tuesday, doors at 8. I'll be going their straight from Diesel. Who's with me?

Best Warning Ever
On Lunesta, which I looked up because of my post about my LunestaBrain last week: You should know that some people who took medications for sleep got out of bed and drove their cars, prepared and ate food, had sex, made phone calls, or were involved in other activities while partially asleep. After they woke up, these people were usually unable to remember what they had done. Call your doctor right away if you find out that you have been driving or doing anything else unusual while you were sleeping. Yep.

Link Soup
* MIT has a food printer. Of course they do.
* Top 10 new species of 2009.
* Typographical moustaches.

Daily Science!

Work, where prep for the upcoming volunteer training is kicking into high gear. Want to volunteer with BARCC? Apply now! No, seriously, today would be good, thanks.

Back home for hopefully a little writing time and getting the house in shape for pending blogger invasion; BARCC peer supervision tonight, and drinks after.
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