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On Saturday, July 31, I am doing a Blogathon to raise money for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center!

(I know. You're shocked that I never mentioned this before.)

I'll be posting short fiction and poetry, composed spontaneously, every half hour for 24 hours. That's 49 pieces of story, automatic for the people. I'm also running an auction of wonderful stuff donated by wonderful people; each post will have a link to an auction item, and the story therein will be inspired by said auction item. (Auction will run July 26-August 3.) Yeah. Other people just post "I am so tired" for hours. I do Blogathon backwards and in heels. Because it wasn't hard enough?

Once again, my chosen charity is BARCC. BARCC is the second oldest rape crisis center in the country, and one of the biggest, with a staff of 20 and a volunteer corps of 120+ who put in hours equivalent to 19 additional staff members. We have a 24-hour hotline and medical advocacy program (medical advocates go to the hospital with survivors for evidence collection), a community awareness/public education/outreach program (which is really unique and ever-expanding), legal advocacy, legislative advocacy (we helped change the law on restraining orders recently so you can get one if you're not in an intimate relationship with your stalker, go us!), case management, and counseling (up to twelve sessions).

BARCC provides all of this and more completely free of charge.

And we are able to do so partly because of you.

This will be my fourth year doing Blogathon for BARCC. Over the past three Blogathons, we raised over $11,000 for BARCC.

You have paid for 880 hotline calls, or 147 emergency room accompaniments, or 165 counseling sessions, or the complete training of 11 volunteers.

You did that.

Let's do it again.

My goal this year is $5,000. That's 400 hotline calls, 67 ER accompaniments, 75 counseling sessions. That's hundreds of people you can help.

Click here to sponsor me; e-mail me your receipt so I can keep a running total. Go bid on nifty stuff. And spread the word.

Current total: $855!

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