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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
Tew's Day 
20th-Jul-2010 07:26 am
State of the 'Song

More Blogathon Stuffs!
Arrived yesterday: mask and phoenix by ioianthe, beetlewing earrings by rivenwanderer, necklace and earrings set by hilariarex!

Go Team Venture!
Team Venture is comprised this year of me, slipjig, jennifer, wired_lizard, and nevacaruso. Our pit crew is yendi, swashbucklr, and feste_sylvain (in shift order).

If you want to bring over food (hey, thanks!), please e-mail me and I'll give you access to the food spreadsheet so you'll know our allergies and preferences.

Elayna's potential afternoon activities today include an African drum workshop (tonight's Main Event is an African dance and drumming group) and a zine-making workshop. Awesome. The structure of Explo Senior is different from Explo Intermediate; Intermediate had two blocks of afternoon activities, and the mini-courses were Wednesday only. Senior appears to have the mini-courses every day in place of one of the afternoon activity blocks. Makes sense for older kids.

I still don't know what mini-courses she got. I *know* she'll call at her earliest available opportunity, though, because I need her living group # to send her care packages, and she wants a care package!

Daily Science
Researchers at Duke University Medical Center are using computers to identify how one strain of dangerous bacteria (MRSA) might mutate in the same way a champion chess player tries to anticipate an opponent's strategies.

Work, lunch with mangosteen rescheduled from yesterday. I need to take the dress I have to wear Saturday to the seamstress today. :( Then must work on a story (tentatively titled "Between Truth and Life") for an anthology invite, and photograph stuff for Blogathon and get the data I already have entered.
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