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Hello to new reader crackedmoon!

State of the 'Song
Less irritable, but ouchy. Lots of slow-moving physical activity this weekend, which is always more wear and tear than fast-moving activity. At least, I hope it's that and not needing to bump the Celebrex back up. But I think it's that.

I miss my girl! And I won't hear from her til Thursday at the earliest; they have a no-call policy for the first four days, so the kids can get acclimated. I hope she's having an awesome time.

Explo has a summer site to give people a glimpse of the fantastic summer fun times. You can follow along! Her classes are Criminal Psychology and Forensic Science. I don't know what her mini-courses are; she found that out yesterday. *waits impatiently for pics to tick over from first to second session*

No Link Soup
Because I have been out and about all weekend. (And will be next weekend, too. And the weekend after that is Blogathon. I don't get weekends.)

Daily Science
Patches containing micron-scale needles that carry vaccine with them as they dissolve into the skin could simplify immunization programs by eliminating the use of hypodermic needles - and their "sharps" disposal and re-use concerns. Applied easily to the skin, the microneedle patches could allow self-administration of vaccine during pandemics and simplify large-scale immunization programs in developing nations.

Since Adam's home today, after work and lunch with mangosteen I will be doing chores, not writing. Adam should get me OpenOffice today so I can get the Blogathon auction stuff I have so far into the auction site and show you a preview of the shinies. Also there is just... a lot. Readercon + Readercon recovery + family in town = house in disarray.
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