Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Hey, after that? Have some foodblogging.

Small Plates is my favorite nice-but-not-astronomically-expensive restaurant. They are consistently awesome.

Adam and I shared the chorizo with onions, which was spicylicious. Would totally get this again. Might not share it next time. ;)

I also had the warm squash "fettucine", which also has some zucchini in it and a spicy marinara. It's shaved down to look like pasta, and this was a little less al dente than last time I had it, which made it even better. That and the main event: the espresso bistro steak.

The espresso bistro steak is an epic fucking steak.

It's not huge - this is a tapas place, after all. It is two perfect chunks of filet mignon, mocha-glazed and rolled lavishly in espresso grounds. Adam and I both order it medium rare, because that's how you order a steak comma dammit. So two wedges of luscious tender coffee-infused steak, atop a bed of root vegetable mash that cuts it all with a wonderful sweetness, and is texturally perfect to boot.

It is not just my favorite steak ever. It made Adam say OH MY GOD at first bite. Adam is jaded, y0.

God damn I love that steak. I am just saying.

*fans self*

Adam got the pissaladière of the day, a puff pastry loaded with artichoke hearts and other roasted veggies and a two-year-old aged cheddar. It made his mouth very happy. He also happily nommed Elayna's soft-shell crab when she discovered she did not like soft-shell crab. That came with pea tendrils, remoulade, and lemon verbena dressing.

The thing Elayna got and actually ate was the Mussels Pachino, which, much to her delight, included five snails. I know. 90% of the time it's hell to just get her to try a spear of asparagus, and the other 10% she's hoovering down snails. I do not know. When we can get to her try something, she almost invariably likes it. She just hates trying. Clothes shopping is like that too.

But she had some of Adam's mussels last time we went to Small Plates, and so she knew she liked them, so yay! it was not a battle to feed her.

She's also not a fan of very rich desserts, so she requested a plate of fresh berries and had that for dessert. She's so cute. "Um, I know you put seasonal fruit on the pot de creme, but - could I get just the fruit?"

Adam and I, on the other hand, are big fans of rich desserts. I had the Kahlua creme caramel, which is not too rich, I swear! and so sweet and cooling and light. Adam had the white chocolate and fig bread pudding with Wild Turkey sauce, which he raved about to the point where I must reproduce it at home. I'll try it with Glutenus Minimus brioche. I may have to try a lot of variations to get it just right - oh, poor Adam!

As far as GF, celiac girl gives two thumbs up. Small Plates has an allergen-and-intolerance-aware menu where dishes are marked as GF, vegetarian, and nut-free where applicable, and the restaurant generally knows how to make something GF if at all possible. My squash fettucine came out with crostini on the plate, but the waitress apologized right off and delivered me the next batch that came off the stove (I was perhaps a bit too eager - wow, that was hot). She also knew off the top of her head what I could eat for dessert; the dessert menu isn't marked. I actually know what I can eat for dessert there by now, but I like to be sure they know. :)

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