Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

All prayers are "please" or "thank you", and this one is "please"

Please let Elayna have the best Explo yet.
Please help her overcome her prickly/shy instincts.
Please give her the mini-courses she wants.
Please let her have an awesome kickass roommate.
Please let her roommate have brought the recommended land-line phone, as we did not get that.
Please let them do the NY trip to see "In The Heights" on Broadway this session, and please let her get on that, because she really wants to see it and I can't afford to take her on my own.
Please let her not lose the Visa gift card we gave her.
Please let her not be homesick.

It's her first time being away from her family for more than a few days in a row. She's wearing a Totoro shirt today as a conversation piece, so she can make friends with the other Miyazaki fans. (With kids from over 40 countries attending, there are likely Miyazaki fans who saw the movies in original release). She's also wearing a hair-tie that she finger-crocheted, a chainmail bracelet her ex-girlfriend made her (after the breakup, which was the most drama-free teenage breakup ever), and the key saraphina_marie gave her - as if to say these things, these are all important parts of who I am that I want to show you up front. She has Fluxx to play on the quad.

She will be fine, I know. And hypnagogie is on campus, and rikibeth is close by, so god forbid she needs anyone, there is someone right there.

(She's terribly amused at that. "You have spies everywhere!"
"They won't spy on you! Your business is your business, dude!"
"Oh, I know! But like if you wanted to take over the world. You could probably do it just with the people you already know."

I keep ransacking my brain for The Thing I Forgot. Printed out the packing list and checked everything off. Remembered her camera, which is inexplicably not on the packing list. I'm pretty sure she has everything. And if there is a Thing I Forgot, she can almost certainly buy it there; she has money to do so.

Right. Here we go.
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